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TEC Engineering & Contracting was founded by Eng. HASSAN ZAKI and most of the key persons whom established and managed TARRADCO INTERNATIONAL CO. over period of 17 years of experience which mainly concentrated in the field of engineering & construction of power plants, power transmission, oil plants, chemical plants, petrochemical plants, steel making plants and food industrials.

Moreover the company is supported by a strong design and Engineering Team Work in addition to high qualified & experienced procurement team together with an active trading department to sale the service all over the world where they are presents at Birmingham U.K., under TEC ENGINEERING AND CONTRACTORS LIMITED.

Established under the name TEC Engineering & Contracting s.p.a

Company Classification              Egyptian Share Holding Company
Registered Capital 10,000,000.00 L.E. (Ten Millions).



Thank you choosing TEC to be your partner in Progress & success.

Promising to do our best to achieve your target where our main goal to reach customer satisfaction quality, time and cost wise.

Now a day where the market competition become hard and hard for all the international companies. We tray to accommodate our selves to found an area between the most respectful qualified companies to make sure that we still have a chance to share a part of the progress. Insuring that through updating the high tech. information to our team work, training courses, computer skills, up to date Codes & International Standards Books availability and application.

Meanwhile we have a strong financial situation in additions to our banks which keen to support the company with no hesitation side by side to go through the projects of a multi millions refereeing to our respectful past experience.

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